Saturday, December 01, 2007

10:56:00 AM Wyoming, MN snowfall

Snowfall in Wyoming, MN

Looks like this may be the first big snowfall of the year. Minnesota's under a winter storm warning, and the white stuff's started to fall. Morning started off with light snow, which shifted to the heavier, blowing sort around 10 AM. Made a run to the hardware store, and the roads are already slick.

Saw the first Junco of the year.

61, outside Wyoming, MN

MN 61, outside Wyoming, MN

35 headed Northbound out of Stacy, MN

35 Southbound out of Stacy, MN

doppler radar december 1 2008

11:20 AM CST; the worst hasn't hit us yet.

November Precipitation Totals: Dusting

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