Monday, April 28, 2008

Drove down from Brainerd area yesterday afternoon. There was still snow in the ditches and forested spots all the way down to Foley, but it tapered off entirely before we hit Cambridge. Down in the upper 30's again last night, could only hear the Spring Peepers on the pond.

Got a hammer drill (thanks Dad) over the weekend, which I used to take another major step towards having a presentable pond garden. Used a 5/8" masonry bit to carve a hole in the bottom of one of my 18" ceramic pots. Caulked generously around the hole and inserted a garden hose repair fitting (threaded male on one end, barbed on the other). Tightened it up by attaching a small section of garden hose to the barb and battening it down with a small muffler clamp; worked just like a nut on a machine screw. Screwed a bubbler on to the male coupler so the pump fills the pot, allowing the water to splash artistically over the edge instead of just gushing from the end of the hose, arching over a good part of my intended stream and wasting a good deal of my pond to splatter. Will add it to the top of the waterfall later this week. In retrospect, I suppose I would have used a 3/4" bit so I could give the hose more purchase by fitting it through the hole cut in the pot, but really, this makes for a tighter fit with less leakage.

A few scattered flakes on the drive down to the cities this morning with temps hovering in the mid 30's.

Some photos of the (unfinished) waterfall and pot bubbler. Thanks for the interest, Lynn!


Lynne said...

That sounds interesting. Would you post a picture?

Beyond Main Street Project said...

No problem!