Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jacob's Ladder flowers

Once nominated for inclusion to the federal endangered species list*, Western Jacob's Ladder can be found growing in wetlands and damp forests beside orchids and tamarack. They're particularly easy to identify given their fern-like leaves, and slender stalks crowned with blue-to-purple blooms, and prominent stamens. Despite the fact that they're a native to this state, little is known of them, including why they are relatively rare given the amount of viable acreage. Couldn't find any real data on any interactions with wildlife, though I have seen bees tending them.

I found Jacob's Ladder particularly easy to grow though it really did not produce any blooms until the second year. They like regular water, but will not do well in standing water, and I've found that bordering it with taller plants (I've got Wild Bergamot and Showy Goldenrod) encourage its growth.

Tree Frogs are now at full chorus, with highs in the 70's and overnight temps in the mid-50's.

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