Sunday, June 15, 2008

First strawberry of the year growing in the vegetable garden. Spent much of the weekend weeding, cleaning the filters, and working on some more hypertufa "rocks" to cover the pond liner.

First mixed the ingredients; I was doing a large modular block and needed it to be strong, so used:

  • 1Xportland cement
  • 1Xsand
  • 1.5Xpeat moss

Here's the solution mixed together with water. Didn't want it runny, so only added in about a gallon of water.
Spread the mix over a 1/2" mesh hardware cloth that I'd previously bend into shape to fit into a corner of the pond and hide the liner. The hardware cloth provides both shape and reinforcement for the hypertufa. Placed logs underneath to help the cloth hold its shape under the weight of the mixture.
The hypertufa creates a pretty natural-looking texture on its own without a lot of shaping. Inserted wire reinforcement where I wanted to create rocky extensions to break up the shape of the pond and provide perches for frogs or birds.
Finished it off by spreading some peat moss on the still-damp hypertufa mixture. This will add a little texture, and create a bit of traction for pond-dwelling wildlife.

Now must wait three days for the cement to completely dry, as I do not want any lime leaching into my pond.

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