Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Both Swamp Milkweed and Butterfly Weed in full bloom. Found a Spotted Knapweed (non-native) growing in the garden. Planning to let it go until the flowers peter out as the bees and butterflies seem to love it. More monarchs recently, and more Green Frogs migrating to the pond.

Interestingly enough, saw a Red-bellied woodpecker on the silo feeder last night, hanging on to the cage and using his beak to bridge tha 4" gap like a long tweezers in an Operation game.

Weather's run the gammot lately; from lower seventies last week to nineties today.


Lynne said...

We have swamp milkweed growing along Hasty Brook (up north). Do you think I could harvest seeds and get them to grow at home here in New Hope?

Beyond Main Street Project said...

Probably. They spread like mad here. I would probably just get a few pods and spread the seeds almost immediately. They probably rely on the local weather cycle (a good freeze) to really propagate. If you get two or three stands going, they'll propagate everywhere.