Monday, July 20, 2009

A Shot of Pelican Lake

Loon on Pelican Lake

Spent the weekend out on Pelican Lake, aboard a sailboat we bought for a song. Saw loads of wildlife including a congregation of six loons, several cormorants, what appeared to be a merganser, great blue and green heron.

Sailing has to be one of the most rewarding (and economical, and eco-friendly) modes of transportation; you only use your motor to tool around in harbors, and easily 80% of your time is spent utilizing one of the most renewable resources the planet has.

Bluebirds gone from the nest; so far we've put at least four back into the ecosystem this year. No sign of Monarch yet. Glade Mallow is almost out, while the Wild Bergamot is just starting to pop.

Cold this week with highs occasionaly only broaching the upper 60's; they say the coldest comparable week on record.

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