Monday, August 27, 2007

Couldn't figure out why one of our cats was obsessed with digging tunnels in the insultation we stuffed into a conduit between the house and the chimney (we're currently replacing stovepipe.) After all, the gap between the house and the chimney is only about 2", and the holes he dug were tiny, about perfect size for a chipmunk to slip through, which is exactly what happened both Saturday AND Sunday morning despite a shirt and some chicken wire we threw up. The chipmunk (believe it was the same one) was saved by means of a pond net, though it managed to clamber over the shelves, bed, up the stairs, and on the kitchen table first.

We're not sure how Bagel enticed the little fellow to come in, but the hole had definitely been dug from the inside (strewing tiny pink tufts all over the floor.) Finally shoved the old stovepipe back in there in hopes of putting a stop to it.

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