Thursday, August 02, 2007

Monarch Project, Day 24
My wife found a caterpillar about the size of a grain of rice crawling on one of the leaves in our enclosure Wednesday. The only reasonable explanation is that one of the leaves I harvested from outside must have had a Monarch egg on it. Afraid that he'd be crushed by one of the larger caterpillars (who have been bickering over leaves to the point that we've had to separate them), we moved him to his own box with an assortment of delicious milkweed leaves.

Interesting that we have spotted more Monarch Caterpillars in July and August than we did through May and June.

2007 Progress:

Caterpillars: 8 (currently 4)

Cocoons: 4 (currently 1)

Butterflies: 3

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