Tuesday, August 12, 2008

European Honeybee on Purple Coneflower

Time certainly flies when you have too much to get done. Have completed a boardwalk along the backside of the pond, and a small native garden with Prairie Smoke, Partridge Pea, and Purple Prairie Clover. Plan to transplant my Ninebark and Sumac when Fall approaches, turning it into something very much like a rain garden. Combine that with a busy work schedule, a number of animal companions, and hobbies like 3d artwork, and it's surprising anything ever gets done.

Speaking of Fall's approach, Wild Bergamot is just starting to turn grey, and Sweet Joe Pye Weed and Elm-leafed Goldenrod, some of summer's last colors, have begun to bloom. It's been unusually warm and dry for August, but the recent drizzle has brought the temps down into the upper 70's this week.

Frogs have again become resident to the pond. Hoping to draw them towards the bog section, where there's plenty of mud and rocks for them to burrow under.

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troutbirder said...

Neat pic of bee on coneflower. I've been trying to catch swallowtails in the same pose but not luck so far.