Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Woodland Sunflower

Unusually warm for mid-August with highs in the upper 80's and no real sign of rain until the end of the week. The green frogs are loving the pond and the shade of the new bog section, and am finding all sorts of feathers in the shallow end of the pool the songbirds like to use as a bird bath. I have noticed that the hypertufa is causing a slightly higher drain on my pond. This is to be expected as the porous mix saps up the water, and the sun heats the material. On the upside, it's sapped quite a bit of that extra into the pond garden, and I've hardly had to water at all. While my Elm-leafed Goldenrod is in full bloom, my Showy Goldenrod is still growing (about 5'8 presently) and spreading its buds. The False Indigo has really taken off this year, and is currently over 6' tall.

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