Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cherry Trees in bloom

Cherry trees (seen here in this morning's mist) are currently exploding with white blossoms. Clusters of Columbine leaves are coming up in droves (no flowers yet), and we're just starting to get buds on our Prairie Smoke.

Temps have been cool; 40's in the morning pitching into the 70's in the late afternoon, with a good amount of stormclouds and light rain. Fewer birds than usual at the feeder, though they're all extremely noisy in the morning. Have heard a few Tree Frogs announcing themselves amongst the chorus of Peepers and Chorus Frogs which, since the rains, have extended from morning to late night.

Pond Rework, Stage 2 (now an unholy mess)

Pond is fully flushed out now, except for one plant shelf. Have started filling the finished parts with underlay; the stuff that keeps any rocks, roots, or burrowing creatures from puncturing the liner. Have used everything from plastic landscaping bags to carpet to bits of the old pond tarp and even car mats and used (clean) towels and rags for that purpose. Looks like an unholy mess, but it's the second R of reduce, reuse and recycle, and better serving a purpose under my pond than taking up space in a landfill somewhere! Will use a good amount of the old pond tarp as an overlayment; especially on the plant shelves (which you'll notice are given ample space below the rim of the pond, and in the bog section.

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