Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Oak Flower

While these may not be the more "traditional" blooms of the cherry or lilac most people are familiar with, they are flowers. The little bumps on the catkin above are actually the male portion of the flowers. When the male portion spreads its pollen, it is shed by the tree; you'll often see loads of male catkins on the ground in late Spring.

Pond, Stage 3

The bog portion of the pond

The pond is now at stage 3... the underlayment is complete, the main tarp has been laid down, and several overlapping layers of old liner have been added on top of it as overlayment. Have secured it to the sides mostly by way of bricks or stakes for nwo. We've added plant shelves, and have roughed in the bog section. The deepest section is around 3'6, not counting the 3 inches of dirt I have added for burrowing amphibians and reptiles.

It's been good weather for pond work; holding in the 50's in the afternoon. Quite cool for mid-Spring.

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